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Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia
Yonoton was an obvious choice for our partner in designing the application. With Powered by Yonoton service platform’s existing features that are already in use in hundreds of places we could develop the application to suit perfectly to our specific client needs. And as we have very international clients whose job consists of global travel, I definitely believe in the application’s potential to scale internationally.
Pirita Pohjanne, Sodexo’s Marketing Director
Sodexo is the worldwide leader in Quality of Life Services. Sodexo serves daily over 100 million customers by offering a unique combination of services implemented in the client’s premises, benefit and reward services, and also personal and home services.Sodexo runs 34.000 restaurants in almost 80 different countries and has 460.000 employees.
Large customer volumes are common to all Sodexo’s different operational environments, but nobody wants to use their limited lunch break standing in a queue. MySodexo application (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Estonia) diminishes the need for manual operations at the cash register. With the application it is also easy to target benefits to customers, and at Sodexo they believe that the gathered data will help to, for example, predict client volumes and optimise production, which will, in turn, reduce food waste. The same Sodexo application includes all Sodexo restaurant units, which most of them can only be accessed by company identity card number. App Store, Google Play
Yonoton is a versatile SaaS-platform that manages digital ordering and purchase processes. Yonoton’s revenue-driven technology is designed truly flexible and scalable to provide the perfect fit for various needs within the scope of different venues ranging from global restaurant and night club chains to theme parks and mass events.
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