Night People Group

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2016 – present
Restaurants and nightlife
“Most of our content and operative customer management works through Night Lite’s CMS. For the benefit of Night lite -app, we have been able to give up gift cards, flyers, promotion coupons, and other old-fashioned printed marketing materials. Everything goes through our application with ease and simplicity”
Marketing Director, Henri Koskinen
The company has 23 restaurants all over Finland. NPG offers some of the best nightclubs and restaurant experiences in the country. Night People Group employs, directly and indirectly, a 1000 people, and over a million people visit the company’s restaurants each year.
Night Lite application, mobile payments, loyalty programs, vouchers, analytics, CRM, targeted marketing, table reservations, tickets, personalized benefit campaigns, push notifications.
Yonoton’s digital platform is highly scalable, CMS eases the work and streamlines services. The management console is also a full-scaled analytics platform where customer data services are integrated into Facebook and Google analytics.