We are hiring!

Hello Friends!

We are happy to say that Yonoton’s growth has accelerated lately and it has brought about a positive problem. Our hands are full of interesting projects and we need help in the coding department!

Perhaps you are a consultant with a few years of interesting projects under your belt but you are slowly realising that it’s hard to find meaning in your work as a hired gun, even though your office is stocked with the rarest of hand-picked weasel coffee. Or maybe you have been creating stable and value adding services whilst enjoying the perks of a large corporation, but are slowly realising that you spend far too much time fighting bureaucracy. You might also be a startup veteran with a go-getting attitude who’s had a bit of bad luck in picking the winning horse. Actually, as long as you are enthusiastic about producing services that customers fall in love with, we just might have something for you.

Currently our greatest need is a full stack developer with strong skills in Java/Spring and Docker. Alternatively, if you are a wizard in React Native and have developed at least some production-ready Java code, we will likely find a place for you.

Our compensation is negotiable, but will be competitive and structured so that as the growth continues, there will be a nice slice for you as well.

Oh and if you’re wondering what the hell it is that we do, check out our website at https://www.yonoton.com

Looking forward to hear from you at info@yonoton.com

P.S. We have a bunch of fun clients and a couple more big ones launching shortly… so for successful referrals we should be able to tailor a finder’s reward just for you!


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