Revealed: “Skeptical Developer’s” interview

We were recently contacted by Jackie Developer, a highly capable software engineer who had seen Yonoton’s name pop up a few times in various media. ‘Sometimes it was to announce a new client or being nominated as one of the hottest startups in the country.

But the most recent one was a job advert. Being a seasoned veteran in the software industry,  Jackie had seen enough hot air and empty promises and decided to get in touch and ask us a few questions to find out more before applying. They were such good questions that we decided to publish them for everyone to see.

What does Yonoton actually do? 

Yonoton provides an Application as a service for restaurants, hotels, theme parks, and mass events. Each client typically gets their own application that utilises our backend, admin interface and the Yonoton library that provides a large part of the state management and logic of the apps already.


Sounds interesting, what technologies is the platform built on?

The apps are built entirely in React Native and the admin interface is in React. The backend side is a Spring Boot application running in AWS ECS. It is currently a monolith, but the plan is to start taking parts of the api into a separate Node/TypeScript microservice. This would be your main focus area.


Ok, that kind of setup could easily get out of hand. Do you focus on quality code?

Yes, our vision is to have a thoroughly documented and tested api that serves a group of equally well tested mobile applications. But due to crushing schedules in the earlier days of the company it has not always been that way, so your role would be a mix of greenfield projects and working on paying back some technical debt.


Crushing schedules? Are you still in permanent crunch mode?

No we’re not. We have an excellent project management team and enough developers (both internal and external) to not have to switch context too often and have at least one person focus on architecture improvements the whole time.


Speaking of the team, who would I be working with?

Our core engineering team has 3 members, CTO Jouni who focuses on the backend as well as Mikko and Anssi, whose main focus is on the mobile clients. In addition you’d be in daily contact with our Scrum Master Sören and Product Owner Oskar. We’re all pretty laid back people except when it comes to code quality.


I’m excited to meet them already! Where is your office by the way? Do I need to be there at all times?

We have a small office at the Maria01 campus, but there is always the option to work remotely (even before COVID-19). Of course support is more readily available at the office, so you might find it more productive to work on site initially.


Speaking of productivity, can I choose my own tools?

Of course, next question.


Great! One more to the tech team, What are your expectations for me?

As we are a small team, we can’t do too much hand holding in addition to our other work, so being a self starter is a must. Also, please be a nice person. From a technology point of view, experience in having created and maintained Spring Boot applications is a huge advantage as you’d be working on our existing backend code quite regularly. If you know AWS, Docker and NodeJS as well, all the better.


Ooh, I definitely tick all those boxes and am interested in joining. But I’m a little worried about your focus on hospitality. How are your financials looking?

We have a solid financial background to back up our rapid international growth. Our turnover is quadrupling annually and will exceed 1m€ this fiscal year. In addition we’ve raised over 1m€ of capital. Our shareholders include global star athletes such as Jari “the King” Litmanen, Sami Hyypiä, Teemu Pukki and Lukas Hradecky. As well as early fellow of Datafellows (F-Secure) Mikko Kuisma and former VP/COO of Symbio, Seppo Kolari. Yonoton has also been elected to Business Finland’s (YIC) programme providing us with a 1,25m€ government grant. 


Quadrupling? Seriously? Even with the raging pandemic?

Yep, seriously. We are truly proud to say that our customer churn is zero. To be honest COVID-19 has sped up our growth as our large enterprise clients such as Sodexo, NoHo Partners and Dyreparken need new revenue driven digital services more than ever. The big trend now is hygienic, digital ordering and payment services. This is exactly what we are offering. 


Impressive! You’re not the only company I’m considering though… so to be blunt, can you afford me?

Our salary model is always tied to the growth of our company and thus far we’ve been able to attract people from reputable consulting firms, other startups etc. You’ll need a bit of tolerance for risk, but the upside will be worth it.


Thank you so much, I’ve already sent my application and hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you, our processes are very fast and you’ll be hearing from us tomorrow at the latest.



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