”We want to take part in the evolution”

Yonoton and Arvato Financial Solutions of the German Bertelsmann corporation collaborate both in Finland and with international clients.

The cooperation has been especially intense in the restaurant business where already nearly 30 night clubs and restaurants are using Yonoton digital services. Customers can order and pay their purchases via the mobile application even before they arrive to the spot. This way they don’t have to spend their time at the restaurant standing in a queue, making orders or paying.

– Together we have been able to offer our customers mobile payment options combined with loyalty programs and other benefits. We are extremely satisfied by how much people have been using our services, says Arvato Finland’s Sales and Marketing Director Sanna Haimila gladly.

In Finland Arvato’s AfterPay service was incorporated into a mobile application for the first time.

In Arvato they know from experience that better customer experience means growth in average purchase amount. They want to offer customers novel memorable services. Arvato operates in 22 different countries, but in Finland their AfterPay service was incorporated into a mobile application for the first time.

– We wanted to challenge other global payment options, such as ApplePay. The world goes more and more digital, and we want to take part in this evolution by offering new payment options, Sanna Haimila explains.

– It is obvious that purchasing, ordering and paying is going mobile. We see services like Yonoton as the first step in this progress, Haimila continues.


Arvato is an international service provider with some 70,000 employees in more than 40 countries. We design and implement innovative solutions for clients from all over the world. These include, for example, intelligent customer service offers via all contact channels in the CRM sector, end-to-end e-commerce services for retailers and brands in the field of SCM, fraud prevention and payment services in the financial industry, and IT services in the cloud. In developing our innovative solutions, we place a strong focus on automation and data/analytics.

Clients from a wide range of industries rely on Arvato’s portfolio of solutions, from telecommunications providers and utilities companies through banks and insurance companies to e-commerce, IT and internet providers.
Arvato is a division of Bertelsmann.