”Our goal is to speed up the service”

The reigning champion of the Finnish Ice Hockey League has been using Yonoton technology successfully at their arena since 2016.

Advance orders reduce queues effectively during period intervals, which were a huge challenge at the old ice hockey arena in Oulu with narrow corridors. Now they have five Yonoton pop-up fast track concession stands that can be easily moved around for different kind of events.

– Our goal is to speed up and improve our customer service during events The spectators have started using Yonoton mobile app effortlessly, says Juha Junno, the team’s CEO, gladly.

In Oulu the service consists solely of selling drinks, and Yonoton service has an established and steadily growing group of regular clients there. The average purchase value in Oulun Kärpät home games is 60 % bigger through Yonoton than with traditional cash and card payments.

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