“Brand new revenue models!”

Yonoton digitalised Night People Group´s (NPG) business by bringing 21 restaurants in 7 cities under one digital brand, Night Lite.

NPG’s previous application had technical issues and also wasn’t originally built to drive revenue and modern-day customer experiences. Service was replaced by Yonoton’s technology. NPG gave up its 35 000 plastic loyalty cards and transferred them to the Night Lite -application.

Through application restaurant and night club customers now use digital services as an essential part of their restaurant experiences. Through application customers have stepped into the era of cashless restaurant world. Everything from entrance tickets to table reservations, purchasing of products to table deliveries are in full effect.


Ð New technology is not a threat but a big opportunity in restaurant business. Our various business units have always been frontrunners. Night Lite not only enhances our customer experience but offers us brand new revenue models and marketing opportunities, Night People Group’s CEO Antti Raunio explains.

NPG’s all business units use Yonoton’s CMS to ease their work and to streamline their day-to-day work. Restaurants can i.e. maintain and inform customers about loyalty card levels, campaigns, promotions, news updates, sell tickets and other products.

Yonoton management tool is also a full-scaled analytics platform. On top of Yonoton’s own customer data, service is integrated into Facebook and Google analytics.

Yonoton’s CRM is integrated into Postiviidakko email-marketing platform that NPG uses.

– Most of our content and operative customer management works through Night Lite’s CMS. For the benefit of Night lite -app, we have been able to give up gift cards, flyers, promotion coupons and other old-fashioned printed marketing materials. Everything goes through our application with ease and simplicity, says Night People Group’s Marketing Director Henri Koskinen.

Year 2019 Night Lite application is expected to have 100,000 downloads in total.

Night Lite