“Best customer service”

Yonoton service is being utilised in all the Finland football national team’s home games at the Ratina Stadium in Tampere, which include the World Cup qualifiers and UEFA Nations League matches.

The Ratina Stadium has the biggest alcohol-serving grandstand in Finland (+1,000 seats). With Yonoton technology the spectators can order drinks and food directly to their seats or to fast track concession stands. FAF uses the service also at their pop-up stores by selling fan products using Yonoton POS tablets.

– We want to be trailblazers and offer the best possible service for spectators. With Yonoton technology the customers can use all the services effortlessly, says FAF Event Manager Kalle Marttinen.

At the Finland – Hungary Nations League game 25 % of the alcohol-serving grandstand customers made a purchase using Yonoton. In that match the seat delivery was offered for the first time.

Almost 600 products were ordered. Seat delivery allows a whole new customer experience, and for FAF it means sales all through the event, not just during the 15-minute break.

– With Yonoton we want to improve our services and reduce queues at the concession stands. The start has been very encouraging, and seat delivery is definitely the wave of the future. You can’t make it easier for the spectators than this. And there is potential for much bigger scale than we could manage now, Marttinen continues.

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